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Ages  5yrs to 18yrs for Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Students


Learn Basic to Advanced skills for strength, agility and flexibility in our Mighty MytesGirls Gymnastics, Tumbling or Boys Flipping Ninja Class.


Learning these athletic fundamentals will physically develop coordination, flexibility, balance and endurance which will also lead to high self-confidence, pride and a sense of accomplishment.

LABOR Day Closing September 1st - 4th

Early Registration Enrollment
WEEKLY CLASSES - SIGN UP ONLINE Anytime of the year!

Anytime Trial Classes only $25

Anytime TRIAL Classes only $25


Girls Gymnastics, Tumbling & Boys Flipping Ninjas Tuition

Additional weekly classes are Welcomed!  


$95 / Month - 60 minute class 1 per week

$125 / Month - 75 minute 1 class per week

$150 / Month - 90 minute 1 class per week

$190 / Month - 60 minute 2 classes per week

$250 / Month - 90 minute 2 classes per week


Recreational Registration per year $100 & $50 for 2nd Sibling

5yr - 6.5yr Mighty Mytes Monthly Tuition

$95 / Month - 50 minute 1 class per week


Recreational Registration per year $100 & $50 for 2nd Sibling

Our Mighty Mytes Preschool Gymnastics program for ages 5yrs to 6.5yrs develops motor and non-motor skills through structured learning of gymnastics basics.


Mighty Mytes love the fun associated with rolling, flipping, jumping, handstands, cartwheels, pull ups, rope climbs and more.


Our classes are designed to build muscle strength in their core muscle groups (stomach, back, arms and legs) and strong personal and social confidence.



 Create Parent Portal Account & Sign Up Online Anytime!

We Offer TRIAL Classes for only $25

All students must be enrolled online and have a Recreational Class Registration with their online account. Monthly Student Tuition is $95 per month for 60 minutes or $125 per month for 75 minutes!

We have 3:30, 4:30, 5:30 & 6:30 classes Monday - Thursday & Saturdays 11:30 am & 12:30 pm classes! 

**Unenroll By Simply Sending Email with At Least Full Month Drop Notice*

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