SUMMER CAMPS FULL Day & HALF Day Early Enrollment Discount Now Open! Summer Break Closing July 12th

Multi-Camp Discount for 8:00-5:30 Full Days or 8:00-1:00 Half Days!

Our Summer Camps are weeks of awesome fun and a great time for beginner to advanced participants! We plan well organized gymnastic instruction daily on all the equipment in our facility for non-stop full blown fun! We also schedule gymnastics related games throughout the camp and allow plenty of time for open gym.

Parents please do not provide soda and unhealthy snacks for your childs camp! Snack break is at 10:15 and lunch is held from 12:00pm-1:00pm so the Half Day campers are welcome to stay for lunch but they will need 2 to 3 healthy snacks and a healthy lunch if they are staying until 1:00pm. The Full Day campers will need 3 to 4 snacks and a healthy lunch and can be picked up between 2:30pm-5:30pm. If they need to refrigerate their lunches or snack the campers are welcome to use the office refrigerator.

For those students who want to participate we have Water Day on Thursday or Friday before lunch during the summer so bring a bathing suit to change into and a towel for all the water based fun! Water Day Thursday starts around 11am and ends around 12pm just before lunch. Here's a hint it involves balloons!

We offer Early Drop Off before 8am and Late Pick Times after 5:30pm for an additional small fee. Anytime before 8am or after 5:45pm is considered early drop off and late pickup and we will need to be emailed any request for early drop off or late pickup so we can inform the camp coaches of alternate schedules. Also we encourage the kids to bring a book or appropriate reading materials since during lunch its a great time to get some reading in during the week!

Yes we offer discounts for signing up for multiple weeks if requested before signing up for camp. We also offer sibling and referral discounts for friends and neighbors. All Discount Requests need to be emailed for consideration.


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